Container Depot

Our highly efficient, computerized operations ensure we deliver the swift and comprehensive responses shipping lines demand.

Open Yard for Rent

Fully secured and equipped outdoor space for logistics or industrial storage business requirements.

Project Cargo and Heavy Equipment Storage Facility

Tailored project cargo and heavy equipment storage services ideal for clients across diverse sectors such as oil and gas, construction, transportation logistics, and shipping lines.


 Gulf CMS has been setting the standards for competence, quality, and responsiveness in the industrial storage sector in Qatar for the past 16 years. 

Our company provides unparalleled support for the industrial  businesses, such as logistics, construction, heavy materials, and more.

Who We Are


Gulf CMS is a 100% Qatari company established in 2007 and has been a pioneering force in the container depot and industrial storage sector in Qatar. Our company has consistently delivered exceptional services constantly adaption to the needs on the market, and today our main business focuses on container depot, open yard solutions, and Project Cargo and Heavy Equipment storage.

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